HP Omen X Gaming Laptop

HP Omen X Gaming Laptop

The HP Omen X Gaming laptop is HP’s high end gaming laptop. It is a desktop replacement that is somewhat portable. This laptop was number 5 on the top gaming laptops’ of 2018. We are going to take a closer look and see what this laptop has to offer. In this post I will be looking at design, price, performance,…

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Cooler Master Ergostand III
cooling pads

The Cooler Master Ergostand III

The Cooler Master Ergostand III is and adjustable cooling pad that doubles as a USB hub. In this post we will look at design cost durability and performance. Is this cooling pad worth it. Cooler Master Ergostand III Name: Cooler Master Website: http://www.coolermaster.com Price: $66.55 at Amazon Owners: Cooler Master Overall Rank: XX out of 100 Cooler Master Ergostand III,…

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Do cooling pads work
cooling pads, gadgets

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work- The low down

There is a lot of hype about cooling pads, but do laptop cooling pads work? Do they improve performance? Are cooling pads worth the cost? Are cooling pads useful? I will answer these questions in this post. Types of Cooling Pads There are four types of laptop cooling pads Passive, Active, multi surface and multipurpose cooling pads. Passive: These cooling…

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top keyboard shortcuts

The Top Keyboard Shortcuts

If you spend a lot of time on your computer or laptop I’m sure you have probably used a few shortcuts. There are many shortcuts that allow you to perform different operations. Shortcuts can make you more productive and simplify your time on the computer. In this post I will list the top keybouard shortcuts that can make your time…

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Plugable UD-3900 docking station
docking stations, gadgets

Plugable USB 3 Docking Station

Affiliate Disclosure Turn your laptop into a battle station with a docking station. Laptops in many cases do not have enough ports. With a docking station you can plug all your devices in to turn your laptop into a desktop. Today I will review the Plugable UD-3900. I’m not fond of doing reviews on Docking stations because there is only…

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